Do you have an idea for an online information product or an online coaching program?
0 To 100 Sales
Discover How to Turn Your Idea Into an Online Business and Make Your First 100 Sales in Just 8 Weeks!

0-100 Sales is a Step By Step Training Course That Shows You How to Turn Your Unique Knowledge or Expertise into an Online Digital Program and Start making Sales in Just 8 Weeks.

You have a unique piece of knowledge or expertise right now that somebody else desperately wants or needs.

That person is scouring the Internet right now looking for the answers that only you can offer, and they are willing to pay you for it.

If you have an idea for an ebook, digital course, follow along training videos, or online coaching & consulting then this course is going to walking you through the exact steps to creating your program, marketing and driving traffic, and making your first 100 sales in just 8 weeks.

So if you are an expert on something, or you have a maverick new solution to problem that nobody else has solved yet, I want to help you create an online info product, coaching program, or membership site to get your knowledge out there and give you an extra stream of passive income.

By the way: the 8 wealthiest people in the world all agree that the only way to reliably build and protect your personal fortune is to set up at least 3 separate income streams.

If you only have one income stream right now, consider this your second. And once you have that setup, you can easily repeat the process to creating multiple online programs and services.

For just $97 you can learn how to exponentially increase your income and build an online business that makes sales practically on autopilot.

0 To 100 Sales

$347 Now Only $97

In this 8-Week Course You’ll Learn
  • How to create a digital program that your prospects will want
  • How to craft an offer to immediately trigger the desire to buy
  • How to set up a customer getting funnels that keeps attracting sales and closing them automatically
  • Best strategies for marketing through the 4 Golden Traffic Sources (Social Media, Video, Email Marketing & Affiliates), so you can multiply your income and never let it run dry
  • Easy tweaks and hacks that you can use to optimize your funnel and drive up profits and sales even higher

This Program Is Easy to Follow and Designed to Get You Results Fast!

There’s no fluff, no fillers and no wasting time!

Each of the 8 training modules is under 18 minutes, to make sure that you quickly absorb and implement the strategies and tactics that will get you traffic and sales.

Online info products are a steady source of income you can quickly and easily add to your business right now—if you have a head full of knowledge and expertise, you owe it to yourself to set up an info product and get every ounce of income you can from it.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn...

Module 1: The Key to All Marketing
Module 1

We start with market and marketing research first. Before you even create your product you’ll want to know who else is selling a similar product and how big the market is for your product idea.

Then we dive into the traffic and marketing of your product – this is the most powerful, timeless, must-know lesson in the history of all marketing. It applies to any situation where you have something to sell or a message you want to share, so you better believe we’re going to use it to sell your product or service.

It’s called the Know, Love, and Trust factor, and we’ll show you exactly how it works to make you the maximum amount of money from your idea.

Module 2: Finding A Niche
Module 2

I believe that competition is NOT healthy. Why waste your time, money, and energy trying to invade a crowded market? Instead, you want to find a group of people who are obsessively passionate about what you offer, have the money to spend, and don’t have anyone serving them yet.

We’ll show you exactly how to find the untapped niche that is ready to become your rabid fans and buy everything you offer them.

Module 3: Sales Copy
Module 3

Great news: you have killer sales copy waiting right inside your fingertips—even if you’ve never considered yourself a writer! We’ll show you how to craft your own authentic, personal story into an automatic sales generating script.

You don’t need an English degree or thousands of dollars to hire a professional copywriter—you just need to tell your own story and use a few simple tricks that we’ll teach you to start getting sales.

Module 4: Product Creation
Module 4

Notice how this step comes AFTER finding your market and writing your copy? That’s no accident. Too many people waste their valuable time and energy developing products that will never sell, but we’ll make sure YOURS does sell.

Forget the guesswork—we’ll show you how to “reverse engineer” your product from the deepest needs and desires of your market, so you can deliver a product you KNOW they MUST buy.

Module 5: Upsells
Module 5

If someone has purchased something from you already, odds are, they’ll be interested in your next offer too. In fact, once someone has purchased a low-price product from you, they’re way more likely to purchase something else—including your highest priced offers.

Get the maximum possible value out of each customer—we’ll show you the exact right offers and the exact right sequence for your upsells.

Module 6: Affiliates
Module 6

Affiliate marketing is a simple way to increase your sales without having to spend any extra money or time on your part. Just reach out to influencers and businesses that are already connected with your market, give them a link to promote your product, and let them keep a commission on each sale.

We’ll show you how to find and approach the most influential affiliates in your market so you can increase your sales and income at no extra cost to you.

Module 7: Paid Traffic
Module 7

Sometimes, it’s worth it to spend a little extra money on people’s attention, which is basically what you’re doing with paid traffic. The key thing is to make sure you’re getting attention from the right people.

Make sure that every dollar you spend on traffic gives you ten dollars back—we’ll show you our system for finding the most reliable paid traffic sources and getting the best return on your investment.

Module 8: Free Traffic
Module 8

Nothing beats free, right? With smart use of social media and email, you can drive many potential customers to your sales page without ever having to spend a penny—it’s all about sharing enticing content that makes them WANT to learn more.

Enjoy free traffic—and the free sales that come with it—when you use our best kept secrets for building awareness and desire in your market with free content.

Module 9: Email Marketing
Module 8

The email list is still the king of all online marketing tools, so you need to create a list and constantly build it up to include more and more subscribers (which means more and more potential buyers).

We’ll show you how to create your email list (if you don’t have one already) and give you our best tips, tricks, and strategies for flooding that list with new potential customers.

Module 10: High Level Coaching
Module 8

This is where the big, BIG money comes in. Once you have an audience of customers who have bought your product and fallen in love with it, it’s time for you to create a high-level coaching group where they will pay premium prices to work even more closely with you.

The best part about high level coaching is that it costs less than creating your product but still gives you WAY more profit in return. This is how the highest-earning info marketers make their fortunes!

Special Bonus Module: Automate Your Sales Funnel - 8 Done For You Templates And Scripts.
Module 8

How would you like to automate your entire sales process as you build your email list?

In this special bonus module we've done all the heavy lifting for you, get the exact automated email sequence I use to turn subscribers into buyers on complete auto pilot. Make money while your sleeping, eating, or just hanging out.

These are the same templates I share with my 1 on 1 coaching clients who pay $15,000 for 1 day of consulting.

In this 8 email sequence we'll show you how:

  • Indoctrinate an email subscriber into a loyal fan
  • How to position a problem to solve
  • And how to present your relevant offer

This is an evergreen campaign that continually works for you even while you're sleeping.  Set it once and let the sales roll in. 

Take a look at each email below.

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Meet Your Instructor

Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is a sought after online business coach and consultant with several multi-seven-figure producing information product businesses and high level coaching and consulting programs that serve over 1,500 students each year.

He's the guy that experts across many different industries turn to when they want to create and launch successful digital info products, best-selling books, and high level online training programs.

Bedros is best known for his ability to help his clients quickly establish expert and authority positioning in their communities and become the predominant expert in their area or industry.

His sales, marketing, and online business systems are the secret weapon used by thousands of successful digital marketers, industry experts, and advice coaches worldwide who want to reach more high-paying clients and customers without the use of unpredictable or hyped up marketing tactics.

Bedros Keuilian

Richard Mugica

Richard Mugica

Richard Mugica is a sought after social media and marketing coach and consultant and email list building expert. He’s helped create and implement high converting marketing funnels for multiple companies in the info marketing and ecommerce space.

He’s also the creator of Redemptive Fitness, one of the fastest growing online information companies that helps men build muscle mass.

His social media, email, and Facebook marketing expertise has helped his clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

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0 To 100 Sales

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